Mixed Media World - Challenge #3

Hello one and all!

And a huge welcome to my lovely new followers, so great you can join me here :) hugs and of course big hugs for those who continue to put up with me lol

This month at Mixed Media World the theme is:


So this month I decided to do a little gift box for my son to give to his grandfather, you would not believe what it is going to hold... A whoopee cushion, of all things! Boys eh?!!! Gotta love 'em though!

Anyway here it is:

Considering it's content I was aiming for the skull and crossbones from Tim Holtz but they didn't turn up in time.

I made this using a box blank from Hobby Craft, layered in Art Basics Black Gesso, then embossed with a Tim Holtz embossing folder in patches to creates the raised gold areas. I use Art Basics Black Sand Texture Paste to create the 'sparkly area around the crown.

This was paint with DecoArt paints and then their Antiquing Cream was used to create additional depth to the piece.

I applied a glaze to the crown after all the painting so it had a slight gloss appearance. Then finally hitting the raised areas with Treasure Gold White Fire.

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Hope you're enjoying your weekend
Georgie xx


  1. HAHAHA, a whoopee cushion! Kids are too funny! Well the contents might be funny, but the box is drop dead gorgeous!! LOVE that crown and deep rich tones are so wonderful! Love the texture sand around the crown, really creates an extra layer of depth! A great gift box and a fabulous masculine piece! hugs :)

  2. Love this Georgie, perfect for a whoopee cushion lol
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. What a gorgeous box! Love all the amazing texture and that gorgeous crown! I think the whoopee cushion is a fun gift!

  4. Fabulous Georgie ! I;m sure the whoopee cushion will go down well ! Sue C x

  5. Wow, Georgie, what a fantastic mixed media masculine piece! You are a master of textures, my friend! I love your genius idea to put a texture sand around your amazing crown! Also love how you have accented the rised areas! Absolutely beautiful! Bravo!
    Huge hugs :)
    Branka xxx

  6. What a beautiful box that you have aged in such an elegant way. The crown looks perfect sitting nestled on the top and to have a whoopee cushion inside, great fun....boys and their toys !
    Julie x

  7. There's no greater love than a mother dedicating so much effort to a box for a woopee cushion for her son. And what a gorgeous box it is! :) seriously, the texture on this is amazing. Xxx

  8. This has to be the best woopee cushion box EVER!! Love it
    Amanda x

  9. A fantastic box to house the whoopee cushion. His grandfather will be thrilled lol xx

  10. Breathtaking creation once again!!! I am simply blown away!!! Was it the georgeousness of the box or the content?!? LOL!!! Just kidding!!! You work is heavenly beautiful my dear!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. I am still smiling at a whoopee cushion... what fun! Your box is fab-u-lous, love the texture on it and the brilliant crown! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. ooo so fun!
    Love it inside and out, adore the fabulous texture and highlights! Super awesome!

  13. I would love to see you alter a whoopee cushion! That would be a hoot and a half. You are an amazing Mom to create such a wonderful box to hold such a hilarious gift. I bet everyone loves it. Fantabulous textures and the crown is perfect! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  14. Hehehe, I was expecting something very sophisticated to go into this gorgeous box, Georgie. How fun to have a whoopie cushion instead :-) I know that he is going to treasure this box.
    Lena’s Creations

  15. Georgie, this is spectacular! The color palette and texture throughout are especially exciting to me... I just fall into all of your work. :o) He is going to be quite surprised to see what's inside this treasure chest of creativity! ;) I think it's a charming combination of the two of you, which he will find quite sweet. :o) Exquisite work!

    Hugs and blessings,

  16. The box itself is amazing Georgie, wow, wonderful effects, love the embossing and the crown fits it so well!! The idea of the whoopee cushion brought a huge smile to my face, - boys indeed, so what will grand dad make of that I wonder.....

  17. Oh, My Word, Georgie; I had such a laugh reading your post! I can imagine hours of fun with granddad and your son with his new gift! I think my daughter loved her whoopie cushion more than my son-go figure!

    Anyway, onto this box! Amazing, my super talented friend! I love the texture and what a great way to embed the crown! You mentioned you use an embossing folder, but we all know you can't run a box through a machine, so am I safe to assume you emboss paper and then add to the box? Sorry if that is a duh question-perhaps I have not had enough coffee yet! This is truly awesome--you are the Queen of this sophisticated mixed media work! Hugs! Sara Emily

  18. A beautiful misleading box! He'll be in for a surprise....I adore the gorgeous aubergine colour you've been using recently...feel a purple hued phase coming on! Ruth x

  19. Beautiful box Georgie, amazing textures and the crown is quite spectacular! Love that it's going to hold a whoopee cushion, that is hilarious!

  20. Fantastic mixed media work, as always, Georgie - love the regal purple hints, and the amazing textures.
    Alison xx