Okay, well this post goes a little against the crafting norm, but finally feel ready to share this drawing.

I do love to draw but I struggle to stay focused on a drawing as evident to the 9-12 months it took me to draw this.

I feel very connected to this, overprotective almost, mainly because of the hours I spent examining every little detail of her try to get her... perfect. Not the point of art I know, but I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with the photograph I found.

I took the image from an internet source as I can only draw from a photograph, I think it helps me know where things should sit on the paper - proportion wise. Unfortunately whoever took the photo I can't really get hold of as there is no contact option, but I'd love to know who took this. If it was you please get in contact :) The photo can be found here. For the photo she is the Lady of the Lake.

I did this picture about four years a go for an art course I was doing. It took me so long, because I wanted to get it right, for it to then not good enough for the tutor. Gutted. I took it badly, I quit the course. Artistic temperament perhaps? :)

She is on A3 sketch paper and done with pencil and graphite.

Anyway, I thought I would share here now as I'm about to embark on another drawing - who knows in a years time I may have finished - lol


  1. Wow Georgie, I thought it was a photo at first, I think it's absolutely wonderful and beautiful, you are so talented! Whether I like it or your tutor didn't, doesn't really matter, it's whether you like it......but it is amaze balls! Ruth x

  2. OMGoodness Georgie, this has to be THE most beautiful of drawings! Your attention to detail is incredible and the drawing looks photo real - what an incredibly talented artist you are! Please, please do not let that tutor put you off, do some more, this really is superb..... you have hidden depths dear lady! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Wow! You are an artist whatever anyone says - this is fabulous! Chris