What's on your workdesk? Wednesday 284

Yep, it's still a mess. Some things never change, right?

Although I do wish there was a Craft Desk Cleaning Fairy that would pack everything up just the way I like it when I'm asleep. Can only only dream... :)

Been trying to finish off my Prima BAP spread, almost there. Will hopefully finish and post before the and of the week. 

My card I made a couple of days a go is still sitting there... (still need to write in it, then I can pop it next door).

My extra hearts left over from my anniversary card. Can you believe those little movers and shapers can cut through two layers of mount board? Did it by accident and it took me awhile to realise afterwards - oops :)

Hope every is well and see you next week xx


  1. This is looking good Georgie, can't wait to see it! How did I miss your anniversary card? Hugs, Chrisx

  2. I love the colour scheme going on in that Prima spread! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by already - nope I don't move to the floor. The desk is in my shed and at the moment my daughters bike and a sack of spuds is in there too. I am far to lazy to haul the bike out so am usually contorting myself into odd shapes to reach the desk. It really would be far easier just to lift the bike in and out ;)

    Carmen x #45

  3. I love your idea of a craft room fairy! Some nice textures taking shape in that layout. Make sure you post the finished project next week! Have a crafty week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #33

  4. Hey Georgie, thanks for the visit earlier. Great minds think alike with the paints :) I haven't used mine yet..this weekend for sure! I love the idea of a Craft Room Fairy, when you find her/him please send them my way! Cx #19

  5. Hi Georgie, Happy WOYWW. I need that desk cleaning fairy too, I think they are about going by some people's desks this week. I was just halted by a hysterically happy woman on the news about the landing on the comet!
    Well, where was I?
    Oh well your desk really is not that messy, and I had the same thought about mine - nothing has changed so I didn't show the whole thing!
    Cazzy #69

  6. I love the idea of the craft room tidying fairy!! I think she'd have her work cut out with the WOYWW-ers though... Not that yours is that messy, and what you are doing on it looks very intriguing.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. This is the first book I've done, but I've started a couple of other ones (one a random sort of art journal in an existing book, and the other, so far just 2 pages!) - it's something I really want to get into because I adore hand-made books, and there's so much potential for artistic expression in them.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #41

  7. Don't we all wish for one of those cleaning fairies! But mess is the mind of a crafter at work, well that's what I'm saying anyways :-)

    Karon #54
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  8. The trouble is, you wouldn't be able to find anything if someone else tidied! The desk is like your lovely art - a work in progress. Enjoy, and have a good week, Chris # 7

  9. Oh I have one of those thingy...cleaning fairies! She stays on strike and slips out the door with my MoJo and they go on holiday!
    Glenda #48

  10. I can promise you that it does not look anywhere near as messy as mine.... if you do find a cleaning fairy can you please send them here afterwards, pretty please? Hugs, Anne xx

  11. I love all the texture on your scrapbook page, looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #40

  12. Hi Georgie, fabulous page your working on, cute card too. Thanks for visiting my desk, Happy WOYWW RobynO#30

  13. Look at that gorgeous mixed media layout!
    Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

  14. A desk cleaning fairy.... now there's a thought.... Do you know, I once had an au-pair who was brilliant. She cooked and cleaned and tidied as well as look after my little one. And when I came home from work, the house would be tidy and clean, but.... I could never find anything!! So be careful what you wish for.
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,
    Sorry I'm late but I take my time going through them all. (I really enjoy reading all the blogs and looking at the photos)

  15. I do like your Prima page ... gorgeous colours! And I too wish the Cleaning Fairy would drop by here ... better still, take up residence :)
    I'm a bit late this week. Have a good week,
    RosA #1

  16. Love your desk, it looks very busy and productive although I am not sure what a BAP spread is? If I lived closed I would offer to be a cleaning fairy as I could play with your stash as I put it away. Sorry I am late, I just get so waylaid reading everyones blog. Tracey @ 20