Saturday Step X Step - Build a Mixed Media Cluster

Hallo!! Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today it's my turn over at Frilly and Funkie for the Saturday Step by Step! I thought for ages for what to do for this, guessing that all you clever lot know a lot more than me for techniques to pass on, but in the end I went with simplicity... (ish)!

I took it back to basics, so for mixed media beginners, this is a tutorial on building up a small mixed media cluster. I know when I first saw this sort of thing I was quite nervous about trying it out, but felt really excited by the possibilities. However, I didn't really know where to begin, so I thought it's a great chance to show an example. :)

So if you have a spare few this morning, please pop on over, would be lovely to see you there :)

Here are my 'ingredients' :) for this card.

Sorry I'm over a week late with blog visits. It is nightmare central here right now with dust, organising life, builders, finding things, occupying a toddler, working blah blah blah. I'm working to rectify this this weekend but I do apologise and should be with you very soon. And if I do go a little while again it will be the same reason. Our build has fallen behind due to battered old Victorian house  unforeseen circumstances :/
Happy days :) xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing it Georgie... Heh no need to apologise to me! I have been absent for far too long. The card looks fab and look forward to seeing your thought process. Having had an extension a few years ago I can understand your chaos! Nikki x

  2. Hopefully, whatever you are having done to your house will be worth it in the end. I would be tearing my hair out :-)) No, wait! That is not a good look, so maybe not. Anyway, your step by step was helpful, and it is a beautiful project.

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  5. Great post over at Frilly and Funkie Georgie. Love your mixed media card.
    Julie x

  6. Gorgeous Georgie!! Can't wait to see how you put this together! hugs :)

  7. Gorgeous card Georgie!!! Simple and so very elegant!!! Filled with grace and beauty, as always! Breathtaking creation my dear!!
    Thank you for the inspiration :)

    Paper Talk with Samra

  8. Oh I am so looking forward to seeing how you created this beauty! I really hope your build gets back on track soon.... Hugs, Anne xx

  9. What an elegant and soft vintage card, Georgie! Beautiful design and texture! Can't wait to see how you created this stunner, my friend!
    Huge hugs! Branka xxx

  10. Firstly no need to apologise to anyone gets in the way sometimes!
    Beautiful card, you do layering so perfectly
    Have a fab, dust free weekend ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  11. Gorgeous card, Georgie and great tutorial. I may have to try it sometime soon. After going through your tutorial I think I lost some of my mixed media scaries :-)
    Have a great weekend.
    ♥ Lena
    Lena’s Creations

  12. It's a lovely step by step over at F&F. Hoping all goes more smoothly with the build and that you're soon free of dust and clutter. No apologising necessary - I've not exactly been around much myself!
    Alison xx

  13. I really enjoyed reading your process over at Frilly and Funkie, Georgie! It is amazing you can get so much done when you have so much going on at home. Hopefully, this is will all be a blip on the radar screen and over lickety split! So looking forward to seeing your before and afters on your home! Hugs to you!

  14. Your card is magnificent! I shall go over and learn something, Georgie, and thank you for teaching me as mixed media scares the carp out of me! Good luck with getting the build back on track and no worries about visits during this chaotic time! I'm impressed that you are able to craft and blog at all right now!! All the best, Darnell

  15. I have just come from F&F and what a great tutorial Georgie. Wonderful to see your m/m process and the resulting card is just stunning. Sorry to be so late in catching up !!! Jennie x

  16. Sorry to be so late in stopping by your blog, but I just came from your Frilly and Funkie post and wanted to come by to say your mixed media piece is GORGEOUS, Georgie! I loved getting a close up look inside your techniques. The background is perfection and every single element is perfectly placed! You are amazing!!