Frilly and Funkie - Stitch in 'time'

Happy Wednesday! :)

Hope the world is bright and sunny where you are!

Time for our next challenge over at Frilly and Funkie and this time our hostess is the lovely Sue. Here is the theme she set:


"What I love to do is incorporate sewing into projects, this could be real of faux, it adds an extra dimension to your artwork. So, for this challenge we want to see stitching somewhere on your projects, real or faux will do! BUT I would also like to see a timepiece too!"

I adore adding sewing too, it's such fun and adds some authenticity to a piece. Sadly, right now my sewing machine is buried beneath a pile of 'stuff'. I say stuff as honestly it is just mess and I can't pick anything out anymore lol :) So I had to go with faux sewing...

I used the template from Cosmo Cricket to make the gift bag out of 12 x 12 black card. Then layered Tim Holtz Wallflower paper, distressing the edges and 'stitching' the edges.

I used some Tim Holtz Ephemera to add extra detail on and in the pockets, also using faux stitching where possible. 

I added some Tim Holtz embellishment pieces. However, I can't get to them all and THE ONE piece (Tim Holtz Clocks) that is vital to this challenge I can't get to as a massive cooker is standing between me and a load of boxes with my arty stuff in :( - (so sorry Sue)

This is my art room and the boxes are behind this beast! Although I LOVE this beast :)

Sooo ready to have my house back. :( Tripped over a loaf of bread this morning (tuesday), yep... bread!! Of all the things that has gone from making this bearable to almost tipping me over the edge.. bread! 

Anyway gotta dash again, and I promised I've not abandoned you. I will get round as soon as I can. I'm trying not to spend much time at home but it means I'm often without internet access.

Will catch up soon,
Georgie xx


  1. That is such a gorgeous bag made in the most challenging of circumstances Georgie!!! Love the way the faux stitching looks on it. Jenny x

  2. Love the bag. I'm so NOT a stitcher...... so I enjoyed seeing some faux being done. Oh me, oh my....your poor craft space!!!

  3. Georgie, your bag is FANTASTIC! That faux stitching looks amazing! Oh, dear, I hope you will have your house back soon! I can't believe you could create such a beautiful piece in the middle of your house redecoration! As our friend would say AMAZEBALLS :)
    Huge hugs to you! Branka xxx

  4. Georgie, your bag is simply fabulous, and your faux stitching is amazing! Love those little trinkets you added to it too!
    I would have probably fallen off the edge by now my dear, so I admire your strength and patience to go through all that...
    Take care my dear!

    Paper Talk with Samra

  5. Oh my gosh, there's a stove in your craft room, you poor girl!! Well, time piece or not, your project is just wonderful Georgie! Sending big hugs :)

  6. Wonderful creation Georgie and you poor thing, mess everywhere! I normally trip over the cat so a loaf of bread would make a nice change for me lol
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. A really great bag, I love it!

  8. Your bag is fantastic, I love those Tim papers against the boldness of the black and your faux stitching looks great too! I don't envy what your going through but hopefully it will all be finished soon! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. You are amazing Georgie - thru all your challenges including BREAD you managed to create this WONDERFUL project. It's just GREAT. Hang in there.... j.

  10. Your gift bag is gorgeous, Georgie! I love it! I'm glad you shared your craft room pic. I'm getting all the odds and ends together for the cabin and have everything stacked and stashed in my dining room, which now looks like an episode of Hoarders-lol!

  11. Georgie, I'm amazed at both your very creative Tim Holtz-y bag (boy, I'd be proud to parade around with that!) and your fortitude! I'd have thrown in the towel long ago! You are an inspiration to me in more ways than one! Your faux sewing looks just fabulous, my dear! Our guest suite looks a little like your art room, and has for several years since my husband moved his office from his "office" to our home. I can totally relate! That's why I have a Closet to craft in! And happy for it! Big encouraging hugs, my dear!

  12. Oh what a fabulous bag Georgie - with or without the timepiece! I have no idea how you manage to craft with everything else going on in your life at the moment! Keep calm and a carry on ………. it will all be lovely in the end! Jennie x

  13. Fabulous bag and a great design, Georgie! The faux sewing looks fantastic. I also love the papers. Mar xx

  14. You surprise me every time. Now how in tarnation did you have time to create this stunning bag and with a stove in the way!?!? Fantabulous design and even withouth the time piece this is exceptional Gee! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  15. Fabulous gift bag. Love the vintage papers and all the fun metal. Hang in, that stove will be out of there in no time and you will have your craft room back and a fantastic new kitchen.

  16. Fabulous gift bag Georgie ! Looking at the environment you're creating in you've done wonderfully well ! Hope life gets back to some sort or normality for you soon. Sue C x

  17. It's absolutely stunning, Georgie - and almost unbelievable that you managed to get it made given what's going on around you! Hope you'll be getting back to normal (or a new, better normal!) very soon.
    Alison xx

  18. Well I'd never have guessed that you were living in such chaos if you hadn't mentioned it - I don't know how you are managing to make such wonderful art but oh so glad you are! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. Thought it had been stitched, so wow, supercool bag.....LOVE it! Ruth xx