By Moonlight


Another month has rolled around so quickly and already I'm over at Mixed Media Place again, where is that time going?!

Very inspired by one of the most gorgeous mood boards from Mixed Media and Art - I'm very biased towards greens - I created an altered art piece. I adore altered art but noticed I haven't really done much of it lately. So, it's time to dust of the cobwebs and reach that part of my creativity again.

I have call this piece 'By Moonlight' because that is exactly what I saw as this was coming to life. I see a little woodland cherub playing his majestic tune whilst the rest of the world sleeps to bring the magic of nighttime alive. 

My last Melange piece was used for the moon (need to buy more of these). And Glitter Glass to represent the light of the moon.

Butterfly from Finn Mechanicals collection.

Stars from Finn too - love those!! And can't forget those Mini Art Stones that add so much texture.

Little Mica Flakes and Mica Beads, all this area represents the magical undergrowth of the woodlands.

More Mechanicals :) And the flows of copper you see every now and again is Copper Crackle Paste.

I gave the sides some texture in keeping with what is within the clock, but I didn't want it to distract from the main focal. But I really like how the waxes have captured the texture of every bump and groove. As seen in the two photos below.

A close up of all the texture, cheesecloth, modelling paste, stars, that random-florist-spidery-stuff ;)

Here just showing how I tried to keep a lot of depth by keep the darker shadowy areas black, behind the woodland cherub and butterfly.

Another side view of more texture. I loved wrapping round the cloth and the way the wax moves over it. 

Honestly, this is such an easy project to make and do - I do wish I had done a video. The waxes make it a breeze to complete. For more info on the process involved please head on over to MMP and check it out.

Happy days!

I would like to enter this project at Mixed Media and Art for their gorgeous mood board this month:


  1. Stunning project!!! it's something incredible! As unusual and atmospheric, I'm delighted. I really want to see the details and I love everyone!

  2. Gorgeous creation. Love the enchanting look. Beautiful aged look and I love all the gorgeous details.
    Greetings Miranda

  3. Beautiful home decor piece, Georgie. It really is a work of art! Love it!

  4. OOOOH, Georgie! I just love this! The color is so rich, and your vignette so dark and mysterious! Love it! Hugs!

  5. I completely fell for this over at the Mixed Media Place - utterly magical... left some love there too!
    Alison x

  6. It is so lovley with so many beautiful details.
    Thank you for joining the Mixed Media & Art challenge.
    Hug Katja

  7. Absolutely stunning Georgie, just can't stop staring at it! The angel is heavenly! What a beautiful piece of art...thanks for joining us at MM&A!

  8. Wow wow wow what talent thank you very much for your participation in the challenge of MMA

  9. Wow! It's great work! Thank you for joining us at MM&A challenge this month!

  10. Oh Georgie, words fail me to portray just how much I adore this project... everything you create is pure magic and this is one of my favorites ever. The detail, the design, and the color palette are stunning. This year I have not been able to craft as I hoped, but I hope to dabble into works of this nature sometime in the future. Thank you for the endless inspiration, friend. :)

    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Yippee, Georgie! I'm SO happy to see this work of art take the prize at MMA ! Hugs!

  12. Hey gorgeous!!! Your work is so awesome!! Love this creation so much!! I will take lot of time to see here and there at your place!! This is just like heaven full of awesome things for me. Lots of inspirations and great ideas, I am going to learn from you and your work!!!

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla