Good news... :)

Dillan is home!!

I wanted to post something yesterday to let you know he had picked up but really didn't want to jinx it. We got him home a couple of hours a go and he is settling in.

He had/has Pancreatitis but is now out of the woods, Sat and Sun were the dangerous days (funny how they tell you after the fact, that he had a 50/50 chance but we could sense it was bad anyway), Monday was 'wait and see', yesterday was 'he's picking up and heading in the right direction' and today - he's home, we had the phone call around 2:00 this afternoon to say he can leave!!

He's not completely recovered, there are some issues with his liver now, he still has a lot of discomfort, so we have to keep him calm and quiet, and needs 24hr monitoring for at least a week. Prescription diet for a long time, possibly the rest of his life, but that will be trial and error, wait and see....

But.... he's home :)

(The boys are reunited again...)

Alfie is in the background and Dillan is up front

Here's a better pic of my other fur-baby Alfie - just so he doesn't feel left out!

I just wanted to post this to say thank you to all of you who left very sweet comments and to those who offered support. You have no idea how much it all meant to me, it's so wonderful to have such a lovely community of friends in blogland, and not just for crafting - hugs to you all!!!

Happy happy happy - :) Happy dance!!
Georgie xx


  1. Awww... Sending big hugs! I'm glad he's home and starting to mend.

  2. A big 'Yay!' for Dillan being home!! Hope he improves quickly! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. Fabulous news Georgie, i bet you are all so relieved. Good to know Dillan and Alfie are back together too, they are both very cute puppies. Being back home should help speed up his recovery too!

    Please keep us up to date on his progress. Have a happy Easter:-) xxx

  4. Great to hear an update Georgie. My mums dog has had Pancreatitis, a very painful condition for them. Give him a hug.
    Julie x

  5. That is just the best news ever Georgie, so glad he is safely back with you - they are both so cute!! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. YAY!!! This is fantastic!!! I was thinking of you and you puppy and hoping for the best:) I am so happy he is doing fine!!!

  7. Oh I'm so pleased for you Georgie. Totally get how as a member of the family you were so desperately concerned for him and with good reason by the sounds of it. Here's hoping he is feeling a lot better very soon and you get the new diet nailed. Jenny x

  8. Oh so pleased for you all and Dillan, and yes that's what our dog Alfie had...and now I find out that you have an Alfie as well!! Just relieved that he's well on the mend. Enjoy..Hugs Ruth xx

  9. He is so sweet - they both are! So happy that he's okay! Thanks for the update!

  10. Thank goodness he is home and recovering! Pancreatitis is a nasty one and most people don't realize that it can happen to their cat or dog. Hopefully the I/D Lowfat or gastrointestinal food will help and that means no scraps, treats or any other type of food until he recovers, or it may be his permanent diet. Many dogs are on Rx food for pancreatitis. So very happy that Dillan is home and with his loved ones. Big Big Hugz to you and your fur babies. ~Niki

  11. Yaaaaay! I am so happy for you and your puppy! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us, Georgie!
    Hugs :)
    Branka xxx

  12. Great News, Georgie! I'm so happy for your family that you are all together now and Dillan is on the mend! What a beautiful pair of fur-puppies you have! Hugs!

  13. You can't see me right now, which is probably a good thing because I am doing a happy dance of Dillan joy!! It's actually kind of embarrassing, I'm glad I'm alone right now! big hugs to you and precious! :)

  14. Georgie, what wonderful news! Give Dillan a (gentle) tummy rub from me and still sending him healing energy for a full recovery. We have two pups who have pancreatitis so I know what you are going through, it is very frightening when our fur babies are sick. Big hugs to you and your family and I'm sure Alfie is very happy that his brother is home.

  15. AWWW I'm so glad that he got to come home and out of the woods! This is such wonderful news!
    ♥ Samantha
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  16. So glad he's back home where he belongs. Sending hugs your way and healing wishes for Dillan.
    ♥ Lena
    Lena’s Creations