Hare - Intuitive Painting - Mixed Media Place

There's a fab challenge over at the Mixed Media Place Blog... Intuitive Painting! Sounds intriguing right? The idea behind this is really simple, but of course it doesn't always feel like that. :)

The Process:
You place a few colours of paint on your mat and start to just paint on the page, however you like, just let the colours take you over and don't think too much about what you're doing. Once the paint is dry you try to pick out images and make it come to life on the page.

(I've done this at work with scribbles, you know when you have one of those phone calls where you're put on hold for (what feels like) hours on end. Take your biro and scribble on a section of the note book and pick out shapes and define them further with your pen. I usually see boats and sea scenes :) )

For this challenge I've already done a couple of pages and it's such great fun, I really recommend this, it's pure art therapy! You don't have to worry about being judged, at all!!

Here is my first page:

I used three Tim Holtz Distress paints (Vintage Photo, Victorian Velvet and Peacock Feathers) and just applied with my fingers, smudging it all over the page, here and there. Making a right old mess, but it equals good fun :) (Working in my art journal)

(Before pic) sorry this was on a different camera, so only just uploaded :) can you see it too? 

When I had almost finished, I could just see this hare (one of my favourite animals) appearing from the brown 'smudge' at the bottom of the page. After highlighting and shading him, (used watered down gesso and pencils and a black pen in odd places) the page just reminded my husband and I of Watershipdown. I decided not to add anymore to the page as I just loved the mood of it as it was.

I'll have another to share tomorrow too. This is quite addictive!!

Hugs and happy weekend crafting
Georgie xx


  1. Wonderful intuitive painting Georgie - love the looseness of your brush strokes.Great colour combo too! Nikki xx

  2. Just stunning Georgie! What a talented lady you are, I ran the other way when I saw what the challenge theme was! No way I could paint such a gorgeous picture, your colours are completely dreamy. wow!! Gorgeous my friend! hugs :)

  3. Beautiful Hare, gorgeous colours and am in awe of tour drawing skills. I like to look at wallpaper patterns and see if i can make out shapes and this is similar. Might have a play but definitely won't be sharing lol.

    Glad you enjoying, looking forward to seeing more:-) xxx

  4. Beautiful job! So creative! I've never tried anything like this!

  5. Very evocative of WD. Beautiful Georgie! Bit scary but I might have a go....maybe if I can see flowers but your drawing skills are way beyond mine! Ruth x

  6. Hi Georgie, I saw that challenge and thought I might give it a try, but after seeing your gorgeous work, I might not want to embarrass myself! Your bunny is wonderful, and yes, I saw it in the "before picture, too! Loved that book, Watership Down as a teenager (wow! long time ago!) and made a few paintings inspired by it in my high school art class. I think I may see if I can get my kids to do this with me. It's been a long time since we've ALL let our hair down with crafts at the kitchen table.YOU are one talented ARTIST, my friend!

  7. I think this is just amazing, Georgie... the challenge sounds slightly terrifying to me, but seeing the magic emerge from your page has inspired me to maybe give it a go. I love hares too, beautiful creatures, and you've really captured something of their wild, wise mystery.
    Alison xx

  8. Yep! Every bit as good as I though it would be now it's bigger!!! Love hares and love yours especially as I am so impressed with the way you made him! Hugs, Chrisx

  9. Hi Georgie, this is very clever! the way you have used the skeching pencils to pull out the Hare from the background is amazing, love this. Mo x

  10. I am not quite sure how I missed this! My friend Mo (above) and I had a crafty day together yesterday and she was telling me how wonderful this is (my DH loves Hares) so here I am, better late than never! I love how you managed to create the Hare without thinking, he/she is amazing - you are soooo talented Georgie, I love this! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Just showed this to DH and he loves it and says you are a very clever lady! xx

  12. WHoa! This is super cool! I'll have to try this, although I'm not much of a freehand drawer. It always looks so awesome in my mind, but doesn't come out like that on paper. Just love how this came out!
    Samantha xx
    Designs by Sammy

  13. I'm truly impress with the result!! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  14. So amazing! Loving the soft bunny! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!